Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation and Tranfers


What is Andesian?

Andesian is a company dedicated to recruiting, training and coordinating teams of freelance workers for companies delivering services through the Internet.

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Where is Andesian located?

Andesian has its main offices in Santiago, Chile. However, we are a distributed organization, and big part of our operations are run by people working from many distant locations around the world.

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Are there people from my town working with you?

It is possible. Check the section Our Team to get information about the some of cities and universities where we have recruited online tutors.

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I have a question not listed here, how can I contact you?

If your question is related to the online tutor job, please send us a mail to

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What is the compensation?

The compensation is calculated based on two different rates: a "working time pay rate" and a "waiting time pay rate". These rates vary depending on the subjects the tutor will be tutoring, the quality of his/her sessions, and the total amount of hours that he/she is available to work.

The exact pay rates for a specific set of subject, quality and client are communicated to pre-selected applicants.

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How is the process to apply?

First you have to fill and submit the application form.

We will review your application. If your profilee matches any of our current needs, we will contact you to start the application process for specific tutoring subject and client. If your profile doesn't match our current needs, it will be put in a waiting list, and we will contact you as soon as we need to recruit a tutors in your area of knowledge.

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Do I need to submit any special documentation to apply?

If you complete our screening process and are selected as an online tutor, you will need to send us a certificate of your studies and a certificate from your local police showing that you don't have criminal records.

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